SETx Wakeboarding proves once again that the Mid-Summer Classic is a top-tier grassroots event.  From the Friday night Pre-Party in Downtown Beaumont to the exceptional weather conditions on Saturday, each of the 66 competitors and over 500 spectators thoroughly enjoyed the private lake for the weekend.

Darryl Moore’s Marine provided the Malibu Boats which kicked up quality wakes for each division.  Wetsounds hooked up the Mid-Summer Classic with some heavy acoustics and an overall killer vibe. Local photographer Matt Fruge was on hand, along with the crew from Gnar Productions, to grab a full days worth of images and video to give you a peak at some of the action.  It was crazy to see it all come together and they definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without these guys.  Much props to the 2010 partners!

Among the swimmin’, grillin’, sun-tannin’ & chillin’, the RIDIN’ at the Mid-Summer Classic was some of the best ever seen at the event.  From the lil rippers in the Novice division, all the way to the semi-pro Outlaws, there was definitely an increase in the skill level at this year’s event.  On more than one occasion, the SETx judges found themselves in a pickle trying to place the top 3 riders in their respective divisions.  Although outcomes could have possibly went a few different directions, these are the results:

Text and Photos by Matt Fruge