The ShadowBox is a feat of science; it allows the user to record and “view back” in 3D and statistical form the movement of whatever object they attach it to.  And while first programmed (and made waterproof) for use in the sport of wakeboarding, many new, downloadable sport and general science applications are on the way, including a GENERIC recording function that will allow for stats and 3D view recording of all types of objects.

The size of a deck of cards, at work inside the ShadowBox is a complex array of sensors and software algorithms, each of which serves a valuable data gathering and/or interpretation task.  Viewable directly on the box are ride stats and individual tricks in “mini-3D”.  Uploading your ride data to a PC (and soon Mac) allows the user to share and post ride stats, send a 3D ride to a friend or view an entire ride in a richer, more “bells and whistles” 3D format.

The ShadowBox has two different mounting systems available: The Mounting Boot (a universal mounting system that works on flat and slightly un-even surfaces) and the Wake Plate (a hard plate system designed specifically for wakeboarding, but will also have other sport mounting applications).
The ShadowBox team has selected a solid group of test riders to give feedback and help shape the product into the future, including such notables as Rusty Malinowski, Shaun Murray and Mike Schwenne.  Many others are getting involved as the ShadowBox is just now shipping.

Be sure to check out a live demo of the ShadowBox at the HO Sports booth at Surf Expo (booth 421) in Orlando, August 20-22


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