Rain, rain, and more rain. That has been the story here in Orlando for the last few days, and it doesn’t appear to have any signs of letting up. While I am happy about the fact that my lake is getting a refill, the idea of not shooting for a while leaves me begging for it to leave. Luckily I had the opportunity to shoot at Chad Sharpe's house a couple times before this all started, so I thought I would share a few shots.

The first time out I shot purely from the boat. The light was flat, and I didn’t feel like using the zoom lens yet again, so I pulled out my wide angle in an attempt to get something unique. It didn’t really work out so well. On the second trip I shot from what may be the largest tube in existence. Seriously this thing is massive, you really have to see it to believe it. I must have been 5 to 6 feet out of the water easy, making it impossible to shoot from anywhere other than behind the rider (unless you feel like getting decapitated by the rope that is). The tube is a truly glorious creation, and even though I got booted off it a couple times, the angle I captured was definitely worth the pain. Thanks to Chad for having me out, maybe next time I will actually remember to hold on to something besides the camera…..