Got a chance to catch up with Jeff Mckee this week via a “Show and Tell” feature. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas from the crew at Alliance!! 


photo 1(3)

Shooting with Thomas Gustafson and Jeff House. Just prior to this pic, Thomas hung out in his whitie tighties in the boat for a solid minute or two while explaining his vision for the shot. Gotta love the euro’s!


photo 2(2)

We finally made it big. Wakeboarding es arriesgado y muy sexy on the cover of In Touch…


photo 3(2)

This is the kangaroo that Bob Soven violated in the Body Glove film slick city. I visited him on a recent trip to Australia. The kangaroo was traumatized and has since had his reproductive organ removed.


photo 4(2)

My boy Milo getting ready for next snow season!


photo 5

Catching up with long time friend and legendary wakeboarder Colin Wright at this winter’s “Evening with the Stars” event put on by Active Watersports. If you are unfamiliar with Colin check him out in Six Pack. This dude was way ahead of his time.