Take a look at these gems as Jefferson Langley takes us through his camera roll of the 2013 season!!


photo 1 copy

One of the many perks of going to theboardingschool.com…biggest bass I’ve ever caught!


photo 3(1)

Adam Errington and I shared a hotel room at Worlds and this was the aftermath


photo 3

Hanging at Radar Lake in Washington with Benny G, Dan, Brandon Parker, and the stache of the north


photo 1(2) copy

Ride or die!!


photo 4(1)

Ladies and gentlemen, mostly ladies, Shawn Watson…


photo 5

Andrew Adkison having trouble getting off the tee box…just another reason why wakeboarders are hated at The Masters


photo 2(2)

Slayshing it up with Carl…without a doubt my favorite thing to do on the water!