Get a glimpse of what Josh Palma has been up to the past several months via his camera roll from the 2013 season!



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On my recent trip to South Africa, I had the chance to go to the Lory Park Zoo and Animal Sanctuary…such an amazing experience hanging with this white lion cub and all the other animals!


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Evening shot from my new place…so pumped to finally be on the water!!


Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 6.10.23 PM

Was finishing up a clinic with Murray in South Carolina when a rider brought him this gem for an autograph. Priceless!!


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Stoked to have my Alpinestars edition XSTAR on display at Surf Expo this year!



Not sure there’s a better way to wrap up a day on the water in Mexico…


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Rusty and I did some demos for an event hosted by Charlotte Ski Boats last month. He left his stuff on the dock but made it work for the kids.


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Little preview of my CWB signature series board that will be available this coming spring


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My Mom is the most selfless and thoughtful person I know…likely why she spent 5 hours making this cake for my bday back in September. Love ya, Mom!



I recently welcomed this pup into my fam. Her name is Fin. After having her for just 2 weeks, I know I’ll never be able to live without a dog again.


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Langley, my girl snags bigger bass than you!!