While Trevor Hansen was out for most of last year due to a knee injury, he’s now fully recovered and riding better than ever. Check out his recent performance in the CWB SUP Time Trials for verification. He’s been riding so well he’s taken to extra curricular training by wakeskating at Battle Falls… Okay, so his wakeskating isn’t exactly much to brag about, but he still grabs his Pete Rose longer than anyone in the biz. Join us below for “Show and Tell,” as Trevor walks us through the best of his camera roll.


Woke up Easter morning to this beautiful sunrise from my dock on Lake Minnehaha

I recently had an epic day of riding behind my new Supra SA550 and capped it off with a pretty cool photo of the boat, the glass, and the sky


On our way to the airport in Alaska, Reed and I stopped by some icebergs to check them out.  Reed felt that it was a good idea to get half-naked and swim out to the iceberg for a photo



A couple months ago, Bryan Soderlind set up a 70’s bowling night to get some epic shots with a bunch of the wakeboard crew.  It was a majestic night.  Thanks for the photos, Bear! Photo: Bryan Soderlind



Battle Falls is always a good time and on this particular day there was a long list of wakeboarders and wakeskaters having some fun. This is George Daniels 3 flipping his head off!