Shred Ready, Inc. introduces a new fly looking helmet dubbed the Phly (Fly).  The Phly will keep you safe from those gnarly sliders and headers in the water and on the snow. The Phly (Fly) is designed for both use in water and in snow in such sports as wakeboarding and snowboarding.  The Phly features a high impact ABS shell with five vents, vent screens, vent cover, waterproof compression molded removable earflaps, and the Brock patented breathable EPP foam, and a recessed goggle notch, the HOT lock retention system.  The vent cover is made of a breathable material that prevents wind and cold air from entering the helmet, but allows perspiration to pass out of the helmet.  The Brock closed cell porous EPP foam allows the helmet to drain water quickly as well as dry quickly.  The goggle notch allows the use of goggles for snow sports and holds the goggles in place without the use of a goggle strap.   The Phly comes in six colors and with an easy fitting system of removable fitting pads.  You can find out more information on the Phly at or by calling Shred Ready at 334-257-1212.