Skull Candy

During my little visit home to Park City I had the chance to drop by the Skull Candy Headquarters. I was just coming home from the run-in I had had with Billy Mckee out in the woodlands, and was really quite famished. Hidden in the center of some corporate offices, I struggled up the elevator to their 2nd floor estate. To my saving relief, their gorgeous receptionist quickly assisted my buddy (and camera man) Nick Weekes and I with a variety of drinks and snacks. After we were fully nourished, Tom Brady, Director of Integrated Product Marketing, came to greet us and take us on the grand tour.

I won’t even try to describe how fun and legit their offices are, and the pictures hardly do it justice. Yeah you can tell from the pictures that the place is super cool, but the pictures don’t eat, lounge around like family, nor do they skate. If you couldn’t figure it out, the whole office is a skate park. From the super smooth cement and coping cubicles, to the mini-ramp they have in the back corner, you can literally skate from department to department. Unfortunately, after the neighboring offices kept complaining about earthquakes, the skull candy employees now have certain hours in which they can skate. But still, who gets to skate in their 2nd story office?

Another highlight was sneaking into Rick Alden’s office, the founder, and hearing some of his amazing stories. I had heard that Rick is one of the most gnarly mountain shred-heads around, and after talking with him, I wouldn’t doubt it for a second. Rick is one of the most passionate guys I have ever met. To see the excitement flowing out of him as he told us about his old, custom-made, psychedelic snowboard was an absolute treat. It doesn’t surprise me that his new business has blown up in just five years! Crazy. I guess they had started with a device called Link, which connected your phone to your audio player so that you could listen, talk, rock out, all at the same time and hands free. From there they went into headphones and now, in just a few years, have stormed not only the wakeboard industry, but the extreme sports world as a whole, with the raddest and best ear stimulators around. Check out their website for the latest and greatest:
Thanks Rick and Tom for letting me stop by. It truly was a treat.