New for 2019, Yamaha’s WakeBooster is a stern attachment built for their jet drive engines to create a larger, cleaner wave for dedicated surfers. The WakeBooster’s unique function pulls water in toward the center from the rider’s side of the boat, optimizing the shape and size of the wave for surfing. The result is a wake that’s easier to surf, with a deeper pocket, larger riding area and a nice clean curl.
As a cherry on top of the WakeBooster release, Yamaha teamed up with Slingshot Wake to create a custom, co-branded board to include with their all new surf package. Aptly named, the SurfPointe Coaster, the new board is an enlarged skim-style surfer created by Slingshot master designer Tony Logosz, with direction from the crew at Yamaha. 
The result, in the words of Jeff Mckee, Slingshot Wake brand manager, is a board that “coasts like a dream, anywhere, any time and behind any boat. Hence the name The Coaster … it just keeps going. You can get farther back behind the boat than any other model we’ve ever ridden.”
“Initially, Yamaha just asked us to submit a board for testing.” Explained Greg Kish, Slingshot Sales and Marketing Director. “We didn’t know what they had in mind at the time, but we’re always stoked to work with our friends in the boat world, so we sent our Butter Bar 4’8”. After testing several different board lengths and models, we found the perfect solution for their package. To create a completely custom board, they wanted something a little longer and with more nose rocker than the Butter Bar- something that was a little easier to ride and the whole family could enjoy.”
Slingshot’s R&D team took Yamaha’s feedback, created two rounds of prototypes and the winning shape was the Coaster 5’3”. Designers from both teams worked together on the co-branded graphics package and BOOM – we can now proudly present the Slingshot-Yamaha Surfpointe Coaster 5’3”.