Here it is…It’s the Slingshot 2010 wakeboard line-up and it is SUPER clean! The 2010 Response has officially been dubbed “The Sickest Board Ever” by myself and the Slingshot crew because when it comes down to the question of which board is right for you, how could you go wrong with the SBE? Ha!

As far as other changes to the line-up go the Reflex has undergone a significant transformation with the addition of turned up rails so that you never have to worry about splitting your edges when hitting obstacles. For the cable junkie’s Slingshot is also offering the Reflex C.E. which features molded fins for additional traction without interfering with that finless feel we all love when hitting the rails.

All of this combined with Slingshot’s Future Response Flex technology and some super clean base graphics and you have Slingshot’s most impressive line yet (if you ask me). For more info check out www.slingshotsports.com


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