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Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park in Portland, Connecticut recently held its 6th annual Rail Jam on May 24th, 2014. Brownstone Park operates 3 Sesitec System 2.0 Cable systems with various features in an abandoned and flooded historic Connecticut Brownstone quarry.Sean Hayes, Partnership Owner of both Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park deals easily with over 180 employees and thousands of visitors to the premier Connecticut adventure destination in Portland, Connecticut. “I’m pleased to promote cable wakeboarding at the annual Railjam competition at Brownstone. Brownstone Adventure Park is a remarkable outdoor recreation site for Connecticut Wakeboarders, zipliners, kayakers, scubadivers, and cliff jumpers to explore the awesome remnant of the historical Portland Stone Quarry.”1st Prize Overall went to Olivia Pease,15, of Ashford, Connecticut, who trains at Brownstone Park and Ski Rixen USA in Florida. 2nd place went to Ryan Pullman of Long Island, New York, and 3rd Place to Tom Bosch of Long Island, New York. Semi-finalists included Tyler Crawford, formerly of McCormicks in Tampa, Florida, and Will Mallave, who recently returned from Texas Ski Ranch, Texas. 1st Prize in the Ladies Division went to 9 year old Gracie Balogh, a New England Champion Trampolinist.This year the Railjam prizes were provided by Lakeside Watersports or Danbury, Connecticut and included a 12-Gauge Wakeskate for 1st Prize. Lakeside Watersports was also onsite with their 2014 Axis A20. Judging for the cable wake event was provided by Brownstone’s own General Manager Mike Kurys and the Lakeside Watersports team.