Last weekend I ran into Josh Robinson of sideswipe productions at stop # 2 of the Wakepark Triple Crown in Tampa and he greeted me with a sweet surprise…One of the first official copies of his new flick In Transit. It’s been nearly two and a half years in the making shot in locations including the U.S., New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. The rider line-up is especially impressive featuring several of Australia’s finest like Chris O’Shea, Brenton Priestley, Mitch Langfield, and then a few US riders thrown into the mix for good measure. Thanks to the ol’ internet, full length video releases are now few and far between, but there’s still nothing better than sitting down on the couch with a couple of buddies and letting the disc / dvd player do all the work…After giving it a good once over, here is what you have to look forward to…



Chris O’Shea – The disc starts out with a bang thank to Chris O’s unique riding style and extreme attention to detail. Since his election as ROTY 2009 Chris has poured nearly all of his focus into this video working side by side with Josh to make sure that he didn’t just land every trick he set out for, they made sure the angle was perfect and the grab was on point throughout. Some of my favorites in the section include a flawless wrapped stalefish frontside 720 shot from follow chase through a double up, and also Chris grabs a hold of a wrapped KGB longer than I’ve ever seen, so much so that I took it off the “tricks girls do” list and added it to my “tricks to do in 2011” list. Haha!



Brenton Priestley – Brenton is quickly moving into the spotlight as wakeboarding’s newest rockstar. Blood, alcohol, toilets and carnage is probably the best way to describe his video section in In Transit, making it one of my favorites to watch, hands down. The section does a great job of portraying Brenton’s personality AND his wakeboarding skills. It’s extremely jib heavy including a sick rail set up next to the coast in ankle deep water with head high waves breaking in the background. Don’t be fooled though, Brenton also throws down one of the sickest wake to wake mute heel 720’s wakeboarding has ever seen, and charges back 5’s off kickers harder than I’ve ever seen.


Texas – In the Texas section Josh, Chris O, and Brad Smeele pay a visit to Gabe Lucas and the Shredtown crew to get a tour of the top winch  / rail set ups texas has to offer. Josh did a great job of creating a good ol’ Texas vibe in this raw, fast and dirty section of the video. Chris O holds his own as the Shredtown crew introduces him to the pole jam and proves that while his main focus seems to be wake riding, he is definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to rail riding, concrete jibbing and winch dropping.



Mitch Langfield – MItch Langfield’s section starts out with some really cool robotic titling / graphic work by Josh and then busts into one of the most unique displays of riding the video has to offer. Mitch has been plagued by knee injuries over the past couple of years so it has been hard to get a true feel for his riding potential, but somehow Josh seemed to have been there at all the right moments, capturing the best wake riding we have ever seen out of Mitch. My favorites in the section include his endless toeside 360 combo’s grabbed and poked every way imaginable, as well as a toeside double grabbed backside 180 and a heelside what-cha-ma-call-it off the double up which looks like a 720 but with no handle passes.

The word on the street is that Ronix will be distributing the video and currently has boxes upon boxes stacked in their offices, so feel free to email Paul and tell him to send one your way…haha! No don’t do that, but if you do, tell him I sent you… Look out for copies to be in stores and online available for purchase within the next week or two. Also stay tunes to for info on the Orlando premier coming soon!