Last week I had the pleasure of road-tripping through New England with a few of the land's native pro wakeboarders and some of their friends. I've always found it interesting that two of our sport's best wake riders originated from New England: Keith Lyman and Ben Greenwood. Does anybody else find that odd and/or cool? Two rising stars also call the area home: Mikey Marsh and Jimmy Trask. The four Northeasters were joined by friends Derek Grasman and Will Christien for the trip, which took us through New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

We got to check out some of the lakes (actually, a lot of the places we rode were called "ponds" rather than lakes) where these boys grew up and learned to shred, as well as take in some of the local culture, which basically meant eating at a lobster shack, talking in an over-the-top thick Boston accent as often as possible, and checking out an historic colonial town.

All of us had a wicked super good time in the Northeast and we definitely got some great photos for the magazine. Keep your eyes peeled for the story in a future issue, as well as some web videos here on the site from our trip.

Live free or die, bros!