Grassroots Coffee shop in downtown Valdosta, Ga is a must.  The mellow vibe and locally brewed coffee is just 10 minutes from Valdosta Wake Compound.  The shop is filled with high top tables, couches and artwork from local artist.  You will frequently find the latest wake mags scattered across the tables to accompany that fresh cup of coffee.  If you aren’t a coffee lover, like myself, they have delicious breakfast sandwiches and smoothies.  The Balsamic Bacon sandwich is my go to.  It normally comes on a freshly made biscuit but you can get it on a bagel as well which is what I recommend.  Also, adding their garlic cream cheese with the delicious egg, bacon and arugula really makes for a good start to your morning. (

Balsamic Bacon sandwich on an everything bagel with garlic cream cheese.

Ready to serve all your coffee needs.