CWB Board Co. announces the hiring of Steve Bates as the wake team manager. Steve has worked with CWB for seven years as a rep, first in Florida and recently moving to Southern California.  Originally coming from the west coast, Steve spent many years in central Florida wakeboarding, riding motocross, and picking up Zane from the hospital.  From a background filled with product knowledge, dealer contacts, and what makes this industry chug along, Steve will make a great addition to the crew at CWB.  He will continue as the southwest rep as well as absorbing the team manager responsibilities.   “We’re excited to see what Steve can bring the brand and team.” Says Jay Quam, CWB marketing director.  “I’ve worked side by side with him for years and know his passion for the brand and to ride, are second to none.”
Steve will manage a deep pro team as well as recruit and train up and coming talent that he feels can make a difference.  He will work with the media, the influential dealers, and outside companies to pave the way for the riders to grow and gain exposure.  When asked about the team Steve said “I can’t think of a cooler position than to be hanging with the best riders in the biz.  Being a rider myself, I look up to anyone that makes their riding unique.”
For rider inquiries and general questions, feel free to contact Steve at <>
The season is upon us..  Time to ride.