Super Shred Bros. took a massive step forward today with an extensive update. The highlight of version 2.0 update is the app’s integration with If you don’t know about Learnwake, you should. They take wakeboard instruction to a completely new level of detail. Expect top shelf instruction from the finest coaches in the world. Also included in the app’s update is a new dynamic voting engine as well as new location, user, and trick search functionality. Be on the lookout for new levels with guest riders and more dynamic badges in the near future which grant you rewards and larger discounts to be used in our Super Shred Bros. online store.  The app is free.  Download it and give it a test run. As a thank you, we priced our last remaining 2011 decks available online in our Super Shred Bros. store for a Super Shred discounted price. Good for only a limited time. Snatch em up.

For more info on Super Shred Bros. or to download the app check out