Surf Expo is officially underway in Orlando the convention center is abuzz with all kinds of stoked out bros and brahs. I've already lost count of how many high-5's I've been a part of.

One of the first booths I stopped by this morning was Liquid Force and they're '09 line is sick, which probably explains why I lost count of my high-5's. It's more than obvious the people at LF put a lot of thought, care and fun into the making of the '09 line. It's diversified, well-rounded, and looks awesome.

Some of the highlights included the LTD boards and bindings, the new Fly series wakeboards that weight next to nothing, and the Obscura wakeskates.

Of course, there's all kind of other cool stuff, but I don't have the time to show it to you all now, so just take a look at the following  photographs and start your Christmas list…