Wow, what a weekend. I think I've finally recovered from one of the craziest weekends of the year. It started off with Parks' Double or Nothing contest and went straight into the bro-happy madness that is the three days of Surf Expo. From there it was bowling photo shoots with LF and a team gathering for the O'Neill folks at Byerly's. There were lots of high-5's, handshakes, Not Beers, and "Oooo, look at that cool new product"s, making it one of the best Surf Expos to date.

Saturday night featured another premiere of the Gator Boards team video, Transgression. It was the third time I'd seen the movie, and it was even better than the first two. Yes, Randall's section is nuts and will make you contemplate what is humanly possible on a wakeboard, but the rest of the video is so visually amazing, as well, that it is totally worth seeing more than once.

The rail jam at Expo was just a little bit bigger than last year's, but a whole lot better. This year Pat Panakos and his pool jam building team added a giant wall ride at the end of the landing pool so riders could winch up it and do some "rock and roll-esque" tricks back down. Watching the riders think about the possibilities of what could be done and start going for them was awesome. Whether it was Collin Harrington doing a rock and roll on a metal handrail bar above the wall, Jimmy Wolf doing footlants on the wall, or Kyle Hyams getting to the top, pop-shuving his wakeskate, then riding back down, it was all really different and really cool.

One of the bigger events to happen on the Surf Expo floor during the weekend was the premiere of the Push Process teaser at the Alliance booth. People packed into our little area to check out what Justin Stephens and the Oakley team have been up to over the past year. To put it simply, Justin's editing paired with Chase Heavener's graphics animation work is freaking insane and Push Process is going to be an amazing video.

After a weekend of bro-ing minds and checking out all the new, innovative product, 2008 is primed to be one of the best years wakeboarding and wakeskating have ever had.