The Remote guys know how to have a good time (and they’re really good at wakeskating). The graphics on the Remote wakeskates are always some of the most popular in the industry and the way they’re kicking things off in 2013 should be no different. Plus this year they’ve added a vest and an awesome travel bag to their line. The bag allows you to put a wakeskate in a bottom compartment separate from everything else, plus it has wheels so it’s easy to roll around.

Leo is French, therefore he has a penchant for small, semi-retro motorbikes. And croissants.

Nick’s new pro model for Remote. His bike does not run on gas.

The Yan van

Didn’t you hear? Horan is only riding boat in 2013… (note: if you can’t detect sarcasm you don’t belong on this website)

If you end up on a sailboat with Captain Hooker, you’re having a good day

The new Remote vest. Danger never takes a vacation, kids, so neither should your safety!

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