Not your average swimming pool

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The Typhoon Lagoon wave pool is back! So what do you do when the ocean’s flat? Freshwater sesh…About a week ago my good friend Travis Propst decided to rent out the lagoon for his birthday and he found no shortage of friends once news broke out. Zane Schwenk, Derek Grasman, Jeff House, JD Webb, Sean O’Brien myself and more were all glad to chip in a little bit of cash to take a session right here in Central Florida. There’s just no way to beat 100 waves without ever having to paddle out! Travis isn’t the only wakeboarder to reserve the wave-pool this season either; Trevor Hansen rented it for his birthday, and now House and I are going to do the same. You can Choose lefts, rights and A frames or any combination of waves you wish, you just have to invite me so that I can help you choose the best combo to suit your surfing style ; ).