This time old saying definitely passes through most of our minds, pretty much every Friday throughout the year. When this joyous day comes around after a week of work most of us are ready to have a little fun. If you are involved in the So Cal wake scene there is a place where you can have that dose of fun you’re desperately seeking.

It is called Freeride Friday’s down at the Carlsbad Lagoon. Basically this little shindig starts around 3pm on Friday and goes until the sun goes down. [Note: There have been recorded nights where the sun had no effect on the closure of the event and its festivities.] So what goes on you may ask? Well here is the rundown:

  1. Pay $25 for an awesome night of events
  2. Demo the 2008 LF or Ronix gear of your choice
  3. Go ride… aka get your set on
  4. Grub on some awesome BBQ
  5. Play a little B-Ball, mingle, or eat more???
  6. If your lucky you get to watch Trevor Glenn (Michigan) ride and show you how the Ronix Covenant is meant to be ridden
  7. Chill while possibly consuming some NOT BEER or root beer for the underagers 

I mean honestly tell me what better way there can be to start out a weekend? These events will be going on every Friday throughout the summer, and lucky for you the summer has just begun. So grab the family, the gf or just your local bros and come out and have some fun down at the Goon…

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