We’ve never been so proud of the athletes assembled to represent us from around the world as we are heading into 2007. This dedicated group of athletes personifies what we at Roswell hold at our epicenter; Hard work, excellence, perseverance and domination. They are the frontrunners in wakeboarding and their riding truly sets each one of them uniquely apart. No one else places the emphasis we do on our team’s feedback and it’s something that shows up in every product line we make. For 2007 Rusty Malinoski, Josh Sanders, Trevor Hansen, Kyle Rattray Brad Buskas and reclaimed Jr. series contender Bradey Price have come together to form Team RWA.
Team Manager Marc Poirier had this to say about Roswell’s 2007 team, “Coming from a riding background myself and knowing what it takes to make a stab at life as a professional rider, I couldn’t be more excited about the group of guys we’ve been able to assemble. I know each of these guys on a personal level and have been fortunate enough to work with most of them through my entire time here at Roswell. These guys have helped push us on both a marketing and product level since day one and besides being ridiculous riders they are amongst the best people I know and true ambassadors of the best sport on earth.”

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Rusty Malinoski
What can be said about Rusty- He's the powerhouse of our team and one of the longest serving team riders for Roswell. Back when he started out he told us he'd be at the top one day soon… With multiple 1080’s under his belt, and a staggering collection of titles already amassed we can only say we’re glad you're there Rusty, we always knew…
Josh Sanders
After dominating the tour in 2005 and walking away with the first ever king of Wake Title, an injury sidelined Josh for part of the 2006 season. At home in Australia for the start of 2007 and with a repaired knee underneath him, Josh is poised to make a run at returning the title to the land down under. Josh's underlying commitment to the sport makes him a certified threat going forward. On top of opening his own shop in his home town this dominating talent was fortunate enough to take a clear winner off the market and was married at the end of 2006. With Katy at his side for the start of the 07 tour it is clear that very little can stand in the way of our favorite Aussie's return to the top.
Trevor Hansen
Trevor's unwavering dedication to his craft has placed him atop his own pro model with CWB and set him up to make a serious run in 2007. His laid back, welcoming personality personifies all that is good in this sport that we love so much. Trevor deserves every ounce of credit for putting himself in the sports spotlight- He has rarely taken the easy road but backed with a strong will to succeed and solid character Trevor is poised to reap wakeboarding’s bounty for years to come…
Brad Buskas
Dedication to a passion often manifests itself in different ways. For Brad it's been a love affair with wakeboarding that has guided his decisions for the better part of a decade. Achieving cult like status with his students at O-Town, Brad can be found holding it down inside and behind the boat making sure people learn to ride the "Buskas" way. In recent news Brad has made the decision to relocate back North of the border and will be kicking @ss on Roswell's home lake all summer…  
Kyle Rattray
Kyle signed on with us after blowing us away when SBC magazine brought him along on our house boat trip. Truth is we knew about him well before that and we're super excited to have Kyle on board. It's hard to find a guy who’s consistently in a better mood than Kyle and while that would have been enough to ensure a long lifespan on our team we're also sure Kyle's on water talent will bring him to the forefront of the sport soon enough.
Bradey Price
Bradey Price has been around the sport of wakeboarding since he was basically in diapers… I can go back 10 or 12 years and clearly remember the youngest member of the Price family ripping around wake contests just stoked to be hanging out. He and his older brother Jeff shared the original Hyperlite Voyager and from that day forward it was officially ON… Years later it is with a little bit of pride that I can sit in the boat or on shore and watch the not so little Bradey demolish every rail in site with an understated style that clearly comes from growing up in the shadow of a killer wake family…