When we hear the words Grand Opening, we think of the opening of something grand, right? Well that’s exactly what we got this past weekend at the official Grand Opening of Terminus Wake Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Set within the mega sports complex LakePoint, a 1,300 acres sports facility with multiple baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, and soccer fields, Terminus is truly the first of its kind. With two 6-tower full size cables, one System 2.0, tons of Unit rails and a soft astroturf lining around each lake, Terminus has set the standard for wake parks to come.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of getting a firsthand look (or ride) at the parks amazing setup. Accompanied by Shawn Watson, Reed Hansen, Chad Sharpe and Alex Graydon, families and fans came out from all over the country for a chance to ride with their favorite pros and enjoy the warm Georgia sun. The lines were long at times but seemed to move fast with random visits from Batman and Blake Bishop’s mom handing out Gatorade’s and brownies to all the kids in line.

All and all the weekend was exactly what we expected and more. Big thanks to Austin Singleton and the entire crew at Terminus Wake Park. We look forward to seeing everyone again August 1st and 2nd for the second stop of the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown.

For more info on Terminus Wake Park and the entire LakePoint facilities check out and

All Photo By: Bradlee Rutledge