Tige Boats based in Abeline Texas was the perfect fit for the series. With a strong focus on building the scene in this state, Empire Wake is always looking for Texas based companies to partner up with like these guys. Their 24ve pulled over 30 riders on Lake Lewisville for the second stop of the new tour.

The turn out was great, the weather was great and the riding was amazing! All the riders that showed up had no problem with the new division format. In the end, we had more prizes then we have had at any other event in the past 3 years. Rusty, who is coming onto the wake scene strong sent us boxes of shorts, bags, vest, and shirts. Buywake.com, our national retailer that keeps our riders geared up sent a stack of gift certificates to all the 1st and 2nd place winners, and Pro- Tec helmets keeps everyone’s head safe. Unfortunately John Marshall of Riptank board shop wasn’t wearing his when he hit the water hard on a crow mobe.

The pro division was stacked with a great heat. Wakeology team ride Jake Sonnevelt came out to rep the company. He came up 2nd  beating out Conner Bitton, but came up short to Taylor Kress who just killed it! Taylor could hit everything switch and put together a solid run.

Our Jr. Men open division was also full of great riders.  Ross Pearce came out on top beating out Gene Williams and Marshall Waters.

Lake Lewisville turned out to be a great spot for the tour and The Colony Texas has invited us back to bring the event on the 4th of July. The event will be held in conjunction with a city festival with fireworks, cookouts, and other events.

Big thanks to everyone who came out and supported the Texas Wake Series making it the best stop this year. The third and final stop will be at SETx in Beaumont Texas August 27th weekend.

1.    Tyler Guest
2.    Alan Coker
3.    Gabbie Bordelon

1.    Chase Giese
2.    Ryan Calagna
3.    Josh Rich

1.    Drew Parham
2.    Drew Elias
3.    Jeremy Lear

1.    Jordan Coffey
2.    Nate Champell

1.    Ross Pearce
2.    Gene Williams
3.    Marshall Waters

1.    Taylor Kress
2.    Jake Sonnevelt
3.    Conner Bitton