So Tony Smith and I had been working on a fishing trip for about four weeks and finally got to go this past Saturday. It all started over at my parents' storage lot, when I was there helping them plant some trees. Tony gave me a call and asked if I had a trailer he could use for his fishing boat, because he left his at Necrason's house and dry rot destroyed the tires and springs. As luck would have it I had a trailer, but it was a little old also. Tony showed up at the lot to get the trailer in order to go fishing. My parents love Tony, they think he is so neat and clean and its great because our shop is a total disaster area and they get a kick out of watching him get his typing hands dirty. Well, we worked on the trailer and got it going then headed to Gregg's to pick the boat up.

Gregg had just broken his leg at a boat show but he was still out there helping us move the boat. If you ever meet Gregg you would understand he can't watch people do work with out being part of it. So he's limping around probably doing more then me. We got the boat transferred from Tony's old, broken trailer to my soon-to-be broken trailer. Finally we got on the road and brought the boat to my house.

I had to go out of town for a while to work but Tony was plotting our fishing trip. When I got back it was on — the weather was perfect, the tide was perfect, even the time (we could leave at noon instead of the normal 5:00 a.m.) So we got on the road and headed north to the Indian River. I asked Tony where we were going and he said a name of the place on the river I had never been, but I've been on the river we were going to plenty of times and we were definitely going in the wrong direction. I asked Tony and somehow he convinced me we were going the right way. About 45 minutes into the trip, the trailer starting vibrating the truck pretty badly, and it was progressively getting worse, so I crawled through the back window of the truck to check the tires. They looked fine, but it was shaking very badly and then about 15 minutes later Tony came to the realization that he had indeed been going in the wrong direction and we were about 30 miles out of the way with a shaky trailer.

We got off the highway pulled into a Wal-Mart to check the tires. Well, they had air but the tread was ripped off of them and it had blown one of the fenders off. We decided pretty easily that we needed new tires before we got going again. We went into Wal-Mart and, of course, they did not have the right tires but ones that were much bigger but with the same rims. I then made the executive decision to tear off the other fender with a sledgehammer. Tony hit on it awhile until he almost knocked the trailer off the jacks the boat was on, then I sledge hammered the hell out of it until it ripped off. The tires were now a perfect fit and we were back on the road.

We finally arrived at the fishing spot at about 5 p.m. (mind you we had left out about noon) and had high hopes of getting there in the peak fishing hour. Well, it turns out the tide was all wrong and it was windy and cold by the time we got there and I caught one trout that was to small to even keep. We headed in a bit defeated, but I told Tony that we had overcome great adversity and should be proud of that. We had also borrowed Lauren Loe's camera, and I documented our whole trip. The pictures were awesome … until Lauren's friend accidentally erased them later on that night.

Well, maybe it's better that way. We can just put that trip behind us and focus on the next one. I invited my friend Alyson to come with us but she lost her phone the day before and couldn't get a hold of me to see if we were going. So this is what you missed.