In the latest issue of Alliance we introduced to you our first doubles contest. It took place on Lake Hiawassee in Orlando and several of your favorite pro’s played a part in the action. We intended for the event to have serious undertones, but we were only kidding ourselves. The guys went above and beyond to take home the prize with some of the most hilarious / bazaar double sets we’ve seen. If you haven’t picked up your copy of the new July issue 12.6, here are 11 great reasons to do so today:


Photography by Garrett Cortese


1. Chad Sharpe schools Erik Ruck on the method grab.



2. Erik Ruck rehabs his knee with a few too many margarita’s.



3. Spencer Smith makes his wakeboarding comeback.



4. The Nautique G23 nearly rips his arm off.



5. Nuts in the face!




6. It gave birth to a miniature wakeboarder named Oli Derome.



7. The first two gentlemen to ski doubles behind Nautiques new boat.



8. Raph Derome’s elbow is much better now…



9. Pete and Betty make their return to the water.



10. These two homo’s are in it.



11. Nudity.