The 2008 WWA Wake Park World Championships and CamSur Rider’s Cup concludes as the sports largest combined event to date!

CAMSUR WATERSPORTS COMPLEX, Philippines – Sunday concluded the 2008 WWA Wakeboard World Championships and the CamSur Rider’s Cup. The 5 day event at the CamSur Watersports Complex in the beautiful province of Camarines Sur in the Philippines included 15 divisions with over 230 riders from 21 countries.
The event had the largest melting pot of riders from all different disciplines of wakeboarding and wakeskating. The Pro Men division behind the cable was the second stop of the 2008 WWA Wake Park World Series, while the CamSur Rider’s Cup behind the boat was the first stop of the 2008 WWA Wakeboard World Series.
On the cable lake, it was Tom Fooshee from the United States who took the victory in a head-to-head heat against Sam Collins of Australia. Sam rode first and set the pace for Tom with a switch melon crow mobe 540 off the kicker, a 515, and a toeside backside 720 off the kicker. Fooshee answered with impeccable rail riding and flats tricks, throwing a toeside backside 720 for himself, a 90210, and a switch toeside backside 450 to switch front board on the transfer box.
Phillip Soven continued his winning streak in 2008 during the CamSur Rider’s Cup on the newly built boat lake at the CamSur Watersports Complex. The lake design allowed for a little different format for a contest with rider’s hitting a double-up in every round after their first pass down the lake. Phillip threw down all weekend behind the boat and landed a toeside 900 off the double up, as well as a melon skeezer 540 and whirly bird 540 in the final round. JD Webb took second place with Keith Lidberg and Trevor Hansen landing in 3rd and 4th respectively.
One of the highlights of the week was the 10 Minute Jam Style format of the Obstacles Only division held on the cable lake. This division included many of the top named cable and boat riders together battling it out on all the rails CWC has to offer. The stage was set as heats of 4 riders would all be on the water at once with 5 judges concentrating on 5 different areas of the course. The format allowed for non-stop excitement for the crowd as everyone was throwing down for the entire 10 minutes.
The Pro Wakeskate division behind the cable was nothing short of an absolute shootout of the World’s top riders. The 6 man final of Leo Labadens of France, Ryan Doyle of Canada, Nick Taylor of the United States, Andy Kolb of Germany, Reed Hansen of the United States, and Bret Little from The Republic of Texas wound up with Nick Taylor in the top spot. The margin of riding between the top 4 riders was incredibly slim.
A special Thanks goes out to Governor LRay Villafuerte for making this incredible event happen. The CamSur Watersports Complex has again proven to be the ultimate destination for any and all types of wake sports enthusiasts.
For more information please visit or for pictures and videos of all the day and night activities during the 2008 WWA Wake Park World Championships and the CamSur Rider’s Cup.
For any inquiries please contact the World Wakeboard Association at or (407) 362-7841
GIRLS (13 AND UNDER)  –  Finals  
1. SHAKIRA LOW                          AUS 76.67
BOYS [10-13] –   Finals  
1. AKOS HEGEDUS                        HUN 90.00
2. ALEX BENNETT-LEAT              SING 76.67
3. DANIEL GRANT                         THAI 66.67
4. GRIFFAN WALLISH                   AUS 56.67
5. LUIGI VILLAFUERTE                 PHI 36.67
6. ANGELO LOUISE LINAO          PHI 30.00
JUNIOR MEN[14-18] – Finals  
1. GREG DAVISON                         AUS 78.33
2. SEBASTIAN SZOLATH              HUN 68.33
3. DIEGO SHAW                             USA 60.00
4. SCOTTY WILKINGS                  AUS 53.33
5. GRIFFYDD REED                        AUS 43.33
6. GREGOR REICHMUTH              SA 40.00
1. SABASTIAN DUNN                    AUS 80.00
2. DAVID KIRSCH                          HUN 63.33
3. BLADE LOPEZ                             PHI 40.00
MEN'S 2 ( 25-29) –  Finals  
1. JOSEF SCZUCS                           HUN 83.33
2. STEFAN KRAUS                         GER 70.00
3. HARRY SEDLMAYR                   GER 60.00
4. DAN SARAZA                              PHI 50.00
MEN'S 1 (19-24)  – Finals  
1. SAM SCHEFE                               AUS 70.00
2. MATTY WILLIAMS                     AUS 60.00
3. EDWIN TIPONES                         PHI 53.33
4. GABOR VASKO                           HUN 46.67
5. ROB SNOOK                                AUS 33.33
6. DAMIEN DEVILLE                       FRA DQ
MASTERS[30-39] – Finals  
1. CUPIC VUKASIN                         SERB 70.00
2. ARNO THERON                           SA 60.00
3. ANDREAS VOSS                         GER 56.00
4. WOLFRUM WAGNER                 GER 51.67
5. GYORGY KIRSCH                       HUN 41.67
6. KRIS HOUSTON                          AUS 40.00
1. ANNA HAJEK                              USA 83.33
2. SHERIL BUCHANAN                  AUS 63.33
3. VERONICA MEAD                      AUS 50.00
4. JEENA LOPEZ                              PHI 36.67
5. BRYERLY NASSIF                       SA 33.33
6. JOYCE RECTO                             PHI 23.33
3. NORBERT VASKO                      HUN 50.00
4. DANIEL GRANT                          THAI 33.33
1. DAVID CORNWALL                   USA 76.67
2. PHIL SIRECH                               FRA 69.00
3. LRAY VILLAFUERTE                  PHI 60.00
4. RONALDO LINAO                      PHI 40.00
1. NICK TAYLOR                            USA 86.67
2. REED HANSEN                            USA 76.67
3. ANDY KOLB                               GER 66.67
4. BRET LITTLE                               USA 56.67
5. RYAN DOYLE                             CAN 23.33
6. LEO LABADENS                         FRA 13.33
1. DENISE DEHAAN                       NETH 95.00
2. LAUREN ORMSBY                     AUS 86.67
3. ANGELIKA SCHRIEER              AUS 78.33
4. MAXINE SAPULLETE                NETH 63.33
5. KINGA HORVATH                      HUN 56.67
6. JENNIFER LANGTON                NZL 36.67
1. TOM FOOSHEE                                       98
2. DEAN SMITH                                           84
3. PHILLIP SOVEN                                      80
4. SAM COLLINS                                        78
Pro Men – Finals
1. Tom Fooshee
2. Sam Collins
3. Mike Ketelapper
4. Donald Shelbrick
5. Laurent Perychou
6. Emil Tzolov
7. Dominik Guhrs
8. Keith Lidberg
CamSur Rider’s Cup – Finals
1. Philip Soven
2. JD Webb
3. Keith Lidberg
4. Trevor Hansen
5. Andrew Adkison
6. Dean Smith
7. Daniel Watkins
8. Gabe Lucas