First things first – see that photo of the up-rail to the right? That’s how you build one in Italy. I really like how it looks like an old Italian ruin, don’t you? Like gladiators left it there hundreds of years ago. But actually it was just built it a few days ago, and only lasted for a few moments, not years. Somebody that was on this Euro trip with us almost broke himself on it, but then he got up and got his sesh on. I can’t tell you who it was, but Kipp got some sweet footage for the new TV show and you’ll definitely want to see that program.
    We are now finishing up our days in Wales for Wakestock UK. It’s cold here and it’s not Italy. Italy is the best, you should definitely go. We met up with Shane Bonifay, Collin Harrington and Phillip Basino in Abersoch, Wales and Ben Greenwood wore a pink collared shirt to celebrate, but the big news of the weekend was that Dallas Friday lost her purse on Saturday night — pretty crazy actually, since Keith was supposed to be watching it. He walked around with it over his shoulder for a while, then gave it back to her and she lost it. Now, when a girl loses her purse, she seems to lose touch with everything and her brain goes completely haywire. I don’t know if it’s just because she has everything in it, or because she has gotten attached to it as a subsititute for a desparately-wanted baby or what, but they freak out when they lose their purse. And let’s face it, you’d freak out too if your purse was worth as much as Dallas Friday’s. That’s not your average 18-year-old’s purse. Anyway, Dallas got so distraught she was beside herself, she could hardly talk, just mumbling her words and we practically had to carry her out of the event. It was like she was in some kind of trance … weird. I guess it was all too much for her. But guess what? Some security guard found the purse and got it back to her with everything intact, even my digi cam and Keith’s handheld video camera. Then Dallas got so happy she jumped on people and gave them hugs. It was nice to see. Oh, what was really weird though was the next morning I was in bed and the phone rang and it was Dallas’ mom — “I heard Dallas lost her purse last night, I just wanted to make sure she found it.” What? Man, that Dallas Friday is important. If this had happened to any of us regular people nobody would care, not even our moms. I still don’t know how her mom knew just six hours later, but I felt like I was being watched.
    Dallas won the women’s division of the Wakestock event, while Shane finished in third place behind UK riders Jonty Green and Marc Rossiter. Ben Greenwood looked like he was going to take it but then in the middle of his run, he definitely lost his purse, never to be found again. Tallyho, we’re on our way home.