Straight Line would like to introduce the Lyman pro handle, which features the newest innovation available in the handle market, the Hydra-tak grip.  The Hydra-tak material is completely new to wakeboard handles and becomes incredibly “Sticky when wet”, transforming like no other handle out there does.  The Lyman handle is also outfitted with a hexagon shaped bar for a great grip as well as stiff anti-roll arms.  
Keith had this to say about his new handle, “This handle is sick, the Hydra-tak material is so awesome when it gets wet, it totally changes the way it feels in your hands, it is so soft and grippy.  I’ve never ridden with anything like it before and can’t imagine ever going back to a foam handle.”
Keith is on the road right now with Liquid Force for Lyman Demo Days down in the Southeast, and in honor of his clinics, Straight Line is giving away one of his new pro model handles!  Head on over to  before July 29th for your chance to sign up and win!
About Straight Line
Straight Line was born in 1986 out of a need to provide people with high performance ropes and handles made of only the best quality materials.  After 23 years, we still hold true to our roots by providing continual innovation and reliable products.  Straight Line is owned by Liquid Force and Motion Water Sports.

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