It’s official. The Aquafrolics World Premiere in Orlando was the biggest party wakeskating has even seen. I’m not sure if anyone is still on the whole “Nike sucks” thing, but with 6.0, they are doing things right. Endless free beer, food, souveneirs, a performance by the Dan Band (made famous in Old School) and oh yeah, that video.

The night started off at the Plaza Theatre in downtown, which is more like a giant living room with the most comfortable theater seats, ever. But before everyone sat down the party was on the balcony with champagne and a chance to get your prom pictures taken with your date. James Balzer and I posed as if we were going to lose our virginity later and I have a lovely key chain to show for it. Wait, that’s not as dirty as it sounds.

Anyway… Once everyone moved inside and the movie started the room was filled with the requisite oohs and ahhs. The intro alone features more bangers than most videos have the whole way through. Matt Manzari, Ben Horan, Nick Taylor and Andrew Pastura all have full parts with a few cameos from Silas Thurman and James Balzer and a few other very special guests.

Without going into too much detail, let’s just say Nick’s precision on a wakeskate is ridiculous, Matt Manzari is a mad man in the flats, Andrew Pastura is doing tricks that really shouldn’t be possible and Ben Horan, well, two words: Winch Master.

The filming, mostly done by Matt Staker is ever creative and perfect and the editing by Adam Long complimented it well. Aside from the fact almost every name in the credits was misspelled, the video was basically flawless. After watching Aquafrolics my reaction was, “damn, that looked like a fun year” and well, that’s what a team video should be.

Once the credits rolled it was down the street to the Ball Room, where the Dan Band took the stage, hor d’ouerves were served and everyone drank until they couldn’t drink anymore (unless they were under age, of course!)

The theme for the evening was 80s prom, and while some people took it more seriously than others, when all was said and done I’m pretty sure everyone had fun.


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