Are we live, are we live? Prague, Reed, Letch, me. Where did I leave off? London? Oh, never mind. It’s totally unexplainable. Reed is freaking right now because he can’t believe I can just type whatever I want into the computer and it goes up on the Internet. He’ll learn, he’s going to be everyone’s boss in 10 years, according to him. Letch says he has his doctorate in life. Oh, here’s some news, Reed’s sister got a 4.0 in English from UF. She was the only two year student to get a 4.0 in that program. That’s how much of a bad ass mamajama she was. Things that ryhme with Prague — frog, cog, smog, log, fog, hog, jog, catalog … uh … eugugoly. BLOG! We’re out. Prague 2006, PEACE!