Believe it or not, not everyone in the wakeboard industry was able to make it out to Lake Powell for Brostock this past weekend. There were a few of us bros that ended up staying behind to hold down the wakeboard scene here in Southern California. Early last week, I received a call from Josh at the Carlsbad Lagoon informing me that they just hired a new coach for their wakeboard school and that he can seriously shred on a flex board. Could this be a party in the making? Oh you know it! I quickly made a few calls to some of the bros from the lagoon and Wakesports Unlimited and this epic weekend was starting to come together. The riding crew consisted of Carlsbad Lagoon’s newest coach Trevor Glenn, Wakesports manager R.J. Flake, Jackson Dean, and Zac Boyd. Now, you may be asking yourself what is so special about these guys? Well, none of them ride a traditional wakeboard. These bros are known for slayshing, pressing, and sliding the Ronix Covenant flex board. Oh, and they wakeskate a bit too.

I rolled into the lagoon Thursday afternoon, just in time to take some snaps before the light was gone. I had never seen Trevor (a.k.a. Michigan) ride in person, so I wasn’t sure what I was in for. I was expecting some pretty nice presses in the flats, and that is exactly what he delivered. Then Trevor asked me, “So, you want to shoot any wake to wake stuff?” Because he was on a flex board, I hadn’t really planned on shooting any wake to wake stuff, but I was all about it. Michigan was able to spin, grab, and poke the board as good as anyone I have ever seen. Right about time the sun went down, R.J., Zac, and Jackson showed up on the beach. Eager to shred, we turned over a canoe and put it on top of an inner tube right in front of the shore. We turned the headlights on and continued to ride late into the night. In typical lagoon fashion, the night was ended with a bonfire and some serious storytelling.

We all woke up Friday morning to sunny skies and smooth water. We were able to get a quality session in before a marine layer rolled in and killed the light. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we had the best country mornin’ breakfast after we got off the water. With some food in our belly, we were all in the mood for some extreme lounging. Ronix rep Jason Mendes and myself headed down to San Diego to run some errands and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere that the city has to offer, while the rest of the boys chose to hang out at the lagoon for the day. Every Friday, the lagoon hosts an event titled Freeride Fridays (which you should already know if you are a loyal reader of Basically, bros from all over come down every week to ride, barbeque, and give high fives. While we may not have had as many bros or not beers as everybody out at Powell, we were still able to have quite a fun little get together at one of wakeboarding’s most historical spots. Thanks to all the lagoon crew and the riders for making this weekend happen!