That's right; Gamers…Wakeboarders have definitely been known to play their fair share of Games (mostly video), but this is whole different type of game. It's the Air Nautique Wake Games in Orlando and it's happening RIGHT NOW!!! Seriously, as I type this Shaun Murray might be doing a raley to frontside 360, or Maybe Watson just hit a HS 7 off the wake? How will you know? Get in your car and drive really really fast to the OWC and you just might find out. The photo's above are from the qualifiers on thursday and I will say this; There were some notorious competitors on site. Guys that live and breathe and sweat and Dream #1. Guys that will do whatever it takes to win even if it means Whirly 5, tootsie roll, raley drift thingy, hs off 7, ts off 7, ts off 9 , and hit at least one of the apparatus. 

O.K. So that was sort of a joke because the truth is that the judging of the wake games was actually pretty cool. It seems to be moving away from all wake to wake tech stuff and is actually rewarding things like Ben's huge BS 1 into the F's and Shane's huge HS FS 1. There is hope for the freeriders in competition! Randall actually won his heat! Ben and I are still battling the slippery spots which always seem to make their way into the landing zones, but hey, there's like 10 more stops to get that figured out right Neb Doowneerg??