It’s hard to get ahead. Yesterday was a big day for me, I was finally getting my new couch. The downside was that I had to leave for the airport while it was being delivered, so I asked Lauren Loe to house sit for me and make sure it got delivered okay. As I was backing out of my parking spot I was talking to Garrett, not paying attention, and I backed my new truck into a metal pole, totally denting the bumper. Lauren watched four epsiodes of HBO’s Big Love before they finally delivered my couch, but it go there okay. So now I finally have something to sit on in my house, but a big dent in my truck. There’s always $500 going out the door, isn’t there? … At the office in Cardiff today, got a visit from Fran Richards, the new Marketing Director for Spy Optics. Fran was a big whig at Transworld Media for many years and should be a huge assett to Spy, working with long-time Spy team manager Aaron Grace to further their involvement with wakeboarding and wakeskating. … Black Top Oasis is this weekend up in Irvine, so if you’re in the area stop by. There’s qualifying on Friday, but the main event doesn’t happen until Sunday. Lots of pros will be there so it should be an amazing flying condor type freak show.