Guess what?!? You missed it!

What? Missed what?

I'll tell you what….but first what do you think?

Oh I don't know maybe you should just tell me!

Well maybe I just might! OK I will tell you!



Then Go ahead already geez!!!

It's the 2009 Gear guide party and you weren't invited…What a shame.

Just the other night over 41 professional wakeboarders gathered at the Clermont Bowling alley right here in central Florida for the 2009 gear guide photo shoot. The theme was holiday inspired meaning that riders could show up wearing any outfit or costume that could be associated with a popular holiday, and the results were far more impressive than we had anticipated! We saw anything pregnant men to German alcoholics and there was a cupid somewhere in between. The gear guide hits shelves mid December but we couldn't resists throwing up a few teaser shots from the event.