When was the Last Time you:

Rode behind a boat: Man I can hardly remember. I think it was around the time that the Billabong team traveled to the Phillipines for their video “Out of the Pond.” I was there with L-ray (The governor) and his kids and I took a wakeskate set. We were riding in an old volcano filled with water called “Taal Volcano”. It’s still active and last erupted in 1977. It’s claimed over 6000 lives, but not mine! Hahahahaha!

Were impressed by a rail design: May of last year when I visited Wake the Line in Cologne, Germany. Hannes Degenhart from Unit Park Tech showed me this cool new technique they were using for fabricating rails. They’re 100 % HTP and foam and basically indestructible. We’ve got a few out here at the projects now, as does the W.O.W. System 2 park in Reno, NV and Dallas Watersports Complex will be getting some soon as well. They’re awesome.

Let loose and partied the night away: Wake the Line in Germany this past July (4th) with Parks, Jonathon Pears, Watson, basically the whole crew of riders who were there to compete. We partied long enough for me to shoot a time lapse of the sunrise if that helps build an image for you.

You Scuba Dived: At the Orlando wakelab, 2 AM Saturday morning after being awake for 20 hours. I was bolting the fox gap to the rest of the obstacles. It was super peaceful under there so I closed my eyes to just feel what I was doing since the water was dark and I couldn’t see anyways, I ended up dozing off under water for a couple seconds, and woke up when my back hit the bottom of the lake (7 feet) and totally freaked out underwater.

Changed a diaper: An hour ago. But I got lucky it was just a number 1. I would say I miss sleeping now that I have a beautiful baby girl named Ever Soleil, but I never slept in the first place so all is well.

Lost your temper: When I saw Watson’s Alliance cover and realized he stole all my barricades from the projects, shot on them, then broke them, and obviously didn’t return them.

Missed a flight: Nokia Fise last year. I missed my flight from Paris to the US. I guess I booked it wrong and gave myself only 20 minutes to make the connection. We ran for like 25 minutes throughout the airport and missed it by only a few minutes, so Josh Kirby and I took a sweetheart tour through Paris for the remainder of the day, and then I got a fever (probably because I was homesick) haha.

Got a box of free stuff: Whenever the last time Skullcandy sent out a box was. Luckily it was loaded with about 25 pairs of headphones so I’ve still got some freshies I haven’t unwrapped yet.

Injured Yourself: I’m not prone physical injury. I’m like a Spartan. But my heart hurts every morning when I have to say goodbye to my Wife and daughter and head out to the office (which is about 53 footsteps away from the front door).