When was the Last time?

You cried: I was 14 it was my second year visiting the projects as a camper. My good friend who came down with me got a concussion trying a whirlybird, and for some reason Ryan Doyle thought it was good idea for us to take him bowling that same night. He was sort of loopy and definitely not all there mentally. Next thing you we know he vanishes at this sketchy bowling alley. We ended up losing him for about 2 hours and I seriously thought I was responsible for the kidnapping of one of my closest friends. I lost my composure in the washroom, but thankfully he turned up unharmed. Now we call him Max “Lost” Carter.

You injured yourself: Two days ago I landed on my ass hitting a rail at home in Quebec. It hurt so bad I couldn’t walk for the rest of the day…

You let loose and danced the night away: Before I left for Orlando. It must have been in February. I was at this night club feelin’ good and invited these two chicks
to come dance with me. The fat girl shoo-ed me away but lucky for me her hot friend was all about it. Lucky me.

You cut your hair: Christmas of last year. My mom was begging me so I did as her Christmas gift because I’m a good son. But now the nest is back indefinitely. Or at least till Christmas time. Ha.

You made something with your hands: I’m not too good with my hands but today we are here at the projects and I’m going to try and change that. We’re doing some slight modifications to a few select rails out here so I can shoot a sick new rail edit with Jon Pears.

You asked yourself “what the heck am I doing here?”: I’m not sure where to start but two years ago my mom got a call from a friend who’s daughter lived in Toronto and had seen me at wakestock. The daughter knew our mom’s were friends but we had never met, nor did we meet at over the weekend of wakestock. She just saw me ride and must have been intrigued by my short shorts. So back to the phone call, The girls mom called my mom to invite me to this girls birthday party (despite the fact we had never met. I told my mom “no way this sounds weird” but what do you know my mom says “sure that’s a great idea!” I took my buddy Max “Lost” Carter to act as my wingman and keep things from being awkward, but of course they were. It was like a blind date, except at the end her mom paid me $200 which I’m pretty sure makes me a gigolo or something right?

You laughed uncontrollably: Pretty much anytime I ever hang out with French Paul (Paul Hernaez). He’s just as funny in French as he is in English.

You got in trouble: When I opened up my elbow on the concrete winching in Toronto. My dad was pissed cause it was right in the middle of contest season and I have been unable to ride wake for the past three weeks, except for wakestock where I managed to make it through the first round riding with one arm, then Watson crushed me in round two…Come on man I ride your board, give me a chance!