Just got off the phone with Shawn Watson as he was leaving the Pro Tour opening weekend on the final day of competiton in Acworth, GA, and the winners were: Andrew Adkison and Dallas Friday ,and Reed Hansen in the wakeskating division. Watson said that it came down to Adkison and J.D. Webb, but J.D. fell a couple times right off the bat and Andrew had an easy time taking the win. Reed Hansen went up against Brian Grubb in the wakeskating finals, and landed three flip tricka: fronside flip, varial flip, kickflip and almost a backside flip. 
   The big news yesterday was Shaun Murray’s defeat of Phillip Soven in the round of 32, only to end up getting knocked unconcious in the semi-final round. Murray was doing a KGB 540 and hit the water hard, ending up face down and out cold with only his board floating above the water. The boat whipped around and Drew McGuckin got him on the platform, where Murray soon came to but had to be taken from the site in a strectcher. Parks Bonifay said that when Murray came to shore Erik Ruck started the most perfect Mighty Ducks clap ever, and the whole crowd joined right in. Watson said that Murray was walking around on site today with a severe case of whiplash, but other than that he was fine.