Aaron Rathy – Double half cab roll. sequence: Garrison


– Double Flips

They’re all the rage among the pro scene and at cable parks around the globe. “Grab and Go” is the motto for 2012 as riders step up their game and lock down the double flips. The cable seems to be the most common place for these due to the consistency of kickers, so if you’re pulling them on the boat we’re giving you an extra 10 points. They look amazing, but we are scared they may get played out like that  song about calling me maybe…



“If you build it they will come…” Shredtown headed towards their park of dreams. pic: Soderlind


– Shredtown

After scoring their own System 2 and the closeout section of Slingshot’s Lipsmack, the Shredtown crew have proven themselves as true pro level athletes in 2012. It’s no longer just ditches and dirt, they have built and slayed some of the most unique rails we’ve seen in the sport. With their own private cablepark at their disposal, there’s no telling what’s next from this grungy threesome.



– 1998 rope lengths

You’d think with the wakes getting bigger than ever before more people would let the line out and go for some serious hang time after railing into the wake, but lately it seems to be going in the opposite direction. Guys are riding shorter and slower so they can dip their vaginas in the rooster tail on their way into the “flats.” This isn’t trick skiing, kids, let the line out and take it like a man.


Josh Twelker demonstrating that often times less is more. pic: Cortese 


– Less Than 5

The Less than 5 contest was one of many signature Alliance events in 2012. It was the first of its kind and drew a crew of enthusiastic competitors from across the nation. Watching riders as they took their time to grab and emphasize style was inspiring. Of course Randall took the win as he dominated tricks like the toeside 270 to method all the way out into the flats, but Bob Soven surprised us all as he gave Randall a run for the money and finishing 2nd.


There are so many new rail designs in Lipsmack you can barely afford to blink. Mike Ennen. pic: Cortese


– Lipsmack

Lipsmack is a breath of fresh air in the world of wakeboarding videos. It’s fast, fun, raw, and leaves you wanting more. The amount of unique rail designs in the video is overwhelming, not to mention the amount of male nudity. It also may be the first wakeboard video to actually release on schedule, which is a delight all in itself.



– Having an opinion

Since when is having an opinion such a bad thing? As long as you’re not just talking pure garbage looking for a reaction, having an opinion is a good thing. If it weren’t for opinions where would progression come from? If it weren’t for opinions everything would be cool, right? Just remember, not too long ago, wake pants and gloves were cool. Don’t like an opinion, come up with a response, just be polite and keep it broful.



– Australia’s Next Generation

There are some new Aussies on the scene turning heads these days and for a variety of reasons. Like ChrisO has been doing for the past four or five years, Brenton Priestley has become one of the more stylish and more well-rounded riders in the sport. Much like Harley Clifford before him, Tony Iacconi is raking in the wins in the Jr. Pro Men’s division of contests. Setting an Aussie path of his own, James Windsor is killing it in the cable scene with tricks and a style uniquely his own. Of course, you can’t forget Mitch Langfield, who shreds and keeps the party alive, much like the one-and-only Ike used to.


– Gas

Get some. You’re going to need it. And not the cheap stuff either, the Cadillac’s of the sea are on a premium only program.


Orange you glad to see Adam Errington riding? we are. pic: Garisson


– Bright ass boots

Everyone is jumping on the clown shoe bandwagon with super bright boots. Shredtown, Watson, Adam Errington and more. If those guys don’t know what’s fly in the world of aquatic footwear, we don’t know who does.


While most take their t-shirts to the cable, Shane takes them a step further: to the wake. pic: Lee


-Riding with your T-shirt on

It’s back with a vengeance in 2012. We’re guessing that it has something to do with riding cable for hours on end and trying to avoid finishing out the day with a sleeveless turtleneck tan.


You want me to jump into that sharp metal basket? Chad Sharpe taking on his usual role as test dummy. pic: Garisson


– Balls

To make it in the pro game you’re going to need them now more than ever. A good set of knees would be nice, too.


– Taps 

What’s with all the taps on the rails? What are you trying to say? Are you teaching the rail a lesson or just disguising the fact that you got pulled off the rail a bit too early? How many is too many?