Here’s a fun fact for all you wakeboarding fans out there: the next Alliance Visual Experiences project is in full swing and it’s a documentary on the life of the one-and-only Parks Bonifay.

The video team has assembled hours and hours of video clips from throughout Parks’ life and are currently working with him to capture new footage now that he is back in the swing of things following his 18-month injury hiatus. Most recently, A.V.E. members Keith Kipp and Russell Spencer traveled with Parks and Danny Harf to Tahiti. I was fortunate enough to tag along and shoot some photos.

We spent 12 days in Tahiti making history happen on wakeboards. The things that happened will freak you out, but we can’t show them to you yet…. The trip was a huge success, but in order to see all of it, you’re gonna have to keep your shorts on until spring ’08, ‘cause that’s when the video will release. For now, here are some of the photos from Tahiti to wet your wakeboard-loving appetite.