You heard right ladies and gentleman, The Projects wakeboard and wakeskate camp in Orlando, Fl is back in a BIG way. Patrick Panakos has appointed Joel Adair (he's canadian which is totally worth mentioning) as the director of the camp, but no need to fear, Patrick's not going anywhere, he'll just be working his ass off to keep the rail park fresh, teaching riders and oh I don't know. maybe he'll even get like four more covershots this year too. THat man has been on the front of several wake mags.

Last weekend we attended the grand re-opening party which was a "breeze" to say the least. Serioulsy, the winds were coming in around 50 MPH and we all ended up giving a trainer kite some hang time. THey also made a massive slip and slide into the water which was probably the coolest part of the day. THe water levels are back to normal and the rail park was looking pretty tasty as well. I spent half the time climbing in a tree to get the kite out while everyone celebrated and told stories around the barbecue..thanks Kyle Hyams.  Anyways, Here are a few quick pics from the days event, mostly just faces. If you're looking to attend a camp this season definitely check out