Paradise Found

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Its been my dream for quite some time to go the CWC and when the opportunity came around I couldn’t resist. CWC is everything I dreamed of and more. The people, the experiences, and the culture is something I will never forget. We had complete reign over the Shang Ra la of wakeboarding.

The people I encountered on my adventure were all very accommodating. I made friends with people from all the over the world. I learned about a place where people cherish the small things and are thankful for the large things in life. CWC is a melting pot of cultures with attendees from all over the world. People who had never heard of Wakeboarding some how made their way to CWC. People who live for wakeboarding found a way to stay longer at CWC.

We didn’t have enough time to explore Cam Sur too its fullest but we were able to explore some of the area. We were able to experience downtown Naga in the middle of the day on a Sunday in the Market. We traveled to the nearby Hot Springs in search of rejuvenation and the fountain of youth. We got to ride in every form of crazy contraption of transportation.

On our final night our new friends put on a family style bar-b-que of sorts. We all gathered around the table to eat and drink like long time friends. We counted over 11 different countries in attendance. Some of us could speak little to no English and some of us talked with funny accents. Some of the attendees had never rode a wakeboard before attending CWC and others were long time Pros. We set around talking about our cultures, our experiences and showed off our battles scars we acquired while at CWC. It was a glorious example of the power Wakeboarding has in bringing people together.

When we finally left CWC, the good byes were harder then expected as it seemed we had all become good friends in the 2 weeks time and after spending 16 hours a day together it would be sad to leave. There are so many people I wish I could thank for all the hospitality that they showed us while we were there. I will never forget each sunrise and each sunset. The people who basked in the sun between those hours and the water that cooled our spirits. The philippines is a magical place that everyone should experience at some point in their life.

I have tons of footage to be edited and chopped up for your viewing pleasure very soon. Check out some of the photos from the trip.