Massi has been working with me on a video project for over 3 years and unfortunately it came to screeching halt after a gnarly slam while winching in Orlando. He broke his humerus, and it went straight through the skin. Yea compound fracture. He had to have metal plates and screws put in to piece it all back together. Just getting the “2019 Alliance Rider of the Year” announcement he was juiced to get after it and capitalize on his year ahead. Sometimes pushing the sport has consequences, Massi has experienced this first hand. I sat down with him after he got his stitches out to check in on how he is doing.    

Q: How’s the arm?
A: It’s been pretty good, going smooth. The arm has been the least of worries lately with what’s happening with my family in italy getting sick off and on. Pretty crazy to see them having drinks with the fam at one point to the absolute worst. So arm? Yeah least of my worries.

Q: Is there a positive to this? 
A: Well the positive side to be honest is I knew I had weak shoulders, so there ya go now I got time to work on them, haha. 

Q: So what’s motivating you to get through this?  
A: I mean this kinda happened, but I was super motivated before this happened. So now I just gotta take a step back. So everything I wanted to do I have to make it happen later.  I’m not worried about it. 

Q: What does 2020 look like now?
A: 2020 is gonna be a good year man. I’m going to transform this negativity into positivity, make cool things. Nobody really knows where it’s all going with contests and what’s going to happen with that. Maybe it will be a fun year, just making a lot of projects and cool stuff happening. But who knows? Nobody knows yet, ya know? 

Q: How are you handling the down time?
A:In this time that I’m staying home I’m just building up all this craving to ride, getting creative and thinking about new tricks. I already wrote down a bunch of tricks that I wanna try. It’s a bummer cause the first 20 days the lake was glass and I just wanted to ride. But right now all I do is pull down the shade and watch some Red Bull TV or play Fortnight.  

Q: This stop any projects you were working on?
A: CITRUS, that’s the only thing really. There may be some other things but those will  be coming soon :).