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Riddle me this 480-volt fans

Have you ever wanted to win something big, but you didn’t have the one-dollar lottery scratch ticket touch? Now all you need is simply your brain. You see, Sesitec – the makers of the System 2.0 is giving away the hottest product in our sport. Let’s hit the E brake on this prize before we go any further. If you don’t know what we are talking about – you need to check out www.thewakeparkproject.com/systems/system2.php right now.
Now that everybody is up to speed – here is your chance to win a no-strings-attached (except your rope) electric powered System 2.0 by descrambling a riddle.

Starting today, May 7th, we will be releasing clues until the time that somebody can solve the $35,900 electric riddle. Some clues will be straightforward; others will even have us wondering why we chose that configuration of words. But over time, if you pay attention to all of the clues, you could piece together a scrabbled jambalaya to form a set of words or a phrase and figure it out. Start the code out with a www. and end it with a .com and this riddle or the middle will make up a website. The first person to go this site is the big Sesitec powered static line influenced System 2.0 winner.    
What will you win other than the satisfaction of knowing you make a better detective than your buddies?

You will win, quite arguably the most talked about product sweeping the landscape for the anti gas guzzler water enthusiasts – A fully loaded Sesitec System 2.0 and all that comes with the freedom to shred laps of man made obstacles in your own back yard.  (Installation and shipping not included).
How will I know how to get the clues?
This promotion is being presented on by Sesitec, but Ronix Wakeboards and Alliance Wakeboard Magazine are helping. 
So clue #1 you are looking at now, right now. Every Tuesday we will be posting a new clue alternating on www.ronixwake.com and www.alliancewake.com. It will be right on the front page of the sites and super easy to find, not to decode. If you are really into the promotion you can get emailed the clue one day earlier (probably how the winner will figure it out first). Just sign up below or at www.alliancewake.com/win/ and you will get the clue one day earlier.

Once I am at the website how will I know if I am the first winner?  
You will have instructions of what to do next once you get to the website.
So strap on your word predicting skills and see if you can guess our thought provoking mysterious web domain name sentiment. Remember close only counts in horseshoes.  
We’ll make it easy and give you a clue – throughout the adjectives of this press release is a clue… We never said this was going to be easy.
On your mark, get set, decode.

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