THe TENspot: If you want to win contest’s you’ve GOT to be consistent, so this past weekend we traveled to PWT stop #2 in Dallas, Texas to ask some of the top competitive wake riders “What’s your secret to success in competition?” The answers are as follows…

10. Phil Soven – “Repetition: Knowing what your most consistent tricks are. Do the ones you land three out of three times instead of the ones you land only 2 out of 3 times. I also like to go out the night before a contest to calm the nerves.”

The face of a winner

9. Steele Lafferty – “Ride ride ride…I also workout between sets to build strength.”

8. Oliver Derome –4 words; French high knee warmups.”

sorta’ like this.

7. Rusty Malinoski“I like to keep an eye on my heat but stick to a set plan for my run rather than making last minute changes. I find if I stick to the plan and ride with confidence just like at home, things usually work out for the best.”

6. Erik Ruck – “Watching Return of the Jedi the morning of usually gets me pretty pumped up.”

5. Danny Tholander – “I do the slalom course on my wakeboard 3-4 times a week to build up respiratory strength / improve my overall endurance on the water. Seriously.”

4. Adam Errington – “I sing karaoke in the mirror at the hotel before heading to the event site. I’m actually a really good singer.”

3. Kevin Henshaw – “Showing up on time would be a good start…I swear the website said pro men didn’t ride till 1:30.”

2. Jimmy Lariche – “I get BJ’s before I ride at any tournament. BJ’s Grill and Brewery. It’s sort of a contest ritual.”

Lariche; A big fan of BJ’s

1. Bob Soven – “I start off the dock and ride with my cell phone in my pocket. It’s serious motivation to stay on top of the water!”

Consistant in more ways than one…Bob Soven