Josh Palma has been absolutely destroying the wake lately. With a 4th Place finish at the Wake games and a 2nd place finish at Windermere’s Wakefest last weekend we figured their was no better time than now to catch up with him and talk about his recent success’ when it comes to…his dreadlocks.

So here you have it, “The Ups and Down’s of Dreadlocks” with yours truly, Josh Palma.

– Everyone assumes he indulges in the Reefer.

+ everyone is thrilled / impressed to find out that Josh Palma is Drug Free!

+ He hasn’t cut his hair in over 3 years! He’s racked up roughly $450 in savings on haircuts which is a huge bonus considering the current state of the economy.

+ Photo’s of his Whirlybird’s have never been better.

Whirlybird’s haven’t looked this good since Gator had dreads…

+ / – He gets his own custom made helmet’s thanks to Hyperlite. However, If he happens to forget his helmet at a tour stop he is totally screwed, cause there’s no hope borrowing a friends.

Palma’s Helmet

Not Palma’s Helmet

– He has to allow himself an extra half an hour for airport security lines.

-When he’s driving a car, the blind-spots are endless.

+ He can easily sneak a slice of pizza, two bags of M&M’s AND a capri-sun into the magic games.

– You know that smell you get in your car when you leave your wet gear and gas can in it overnight? Well that’s sorta what happens if he doesn’t dry his hair for a couple of hot summer days. Don’t worry though ladies, Josh Palma is now a proud owner of a hairdryer!

+ His halloween costume possibilities are endless. Lenny Kravitz, Bob Marley, Gator, That guy from Korn, and of coarse,  Parks Bonifay.

You can’t hear it but it’s the redemption song, which comes naturally with dreads.