Liquid Force Films new movie, The Truth, had its world premiere in Orlando last night. Telling the truth about a movie called the same is pretty hard to do, so here are The Lies:

1.)    It sucked, the worst movie I have ever seen.
2.)    No original camera work or editing, cinematographer Justin Stephens really has no clue what he’s doing at all.
3.)    Aaron Reed, Ben Greenwood, Keith Lyman and Kyle Hyams are all totally shitty riders. They should never get filmed again.
4.)    Justin didn’t use the coolest hi-speed imaging camera around to create images like you’ve never seen in a wakeboarding film.
5.)    Nobody got hammered at the premiere, especially not people that were underage.
6.)    Again, Justin Stephens really must have not put any time or effort into this one at all. I’m sure he’s had a really normal life lately and hasn’t been up all night for the past month trying to edit this movie and make Team LF look awesome.
7.)    Everyone was grateful.
8.)    Travis Dopp made no comparison between my managerial techniques and the “molding clay” scene between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in the movie Ghost.