With the release of the iPhone 4, it’s time for your iPhone to finally earn its seat in the boat. We are excited to announce the Ultimate Wake App.* Here’s just a small sampling of what it can do:

– Combines Perfect Pass and GPS to actually drive your boat for you.

– Tether with your GoPro to upload your first person riding videos directly to the web with no delay

– Applies sunscreen to your back (we’re not sure how this works.)

– Programed to sense the peak of your trick and automatically shoot a photo, then posts it to your facebook with a witty one-liner about how good you are/mocking your friends who are at work for not being there.

– Features pre-programmed encouragement and advice. “Bend your knees!” “Go bigger!”

– Gives you a high five after every set!

The Ultimate iPhone App will replace your need for friends, guarantee you a perfect ride every time, and improve your skills. It is only available with the new iPhone 4G.*

*This App is still in the early stage of development. It may or may not be done by the time you get out of that line wrapping around your local Mac store.