Do you ever sleepwalk? I don't, but sometimes I sleepWORK. That's right, sometimes I will wake up and all my work will be done. It's great, I did it today. I had a dream that Aaron Reed called to tell me that he landed his second ever backside tail slide at the Projects this morning. People do that to me sometimes, call or text me and tell me about their tricks. It's nice, it's like having a whole other pulse. Anyway, I should have known that this time it was a dream, because in it all the phones were video phones and Reed was wearing a Little Bo Peep costume and holding a rubber chicken. Apparently in my sleep I uploaded this news to the Internet for about five minutes. The crazy thing is that when I woke up, I actually received word that Aaron DID in fact land his second ever backside tail slide today, on his birthday no less! Happy 20-something Aaron, don't ever call me again.